Mission/Educational Goals/Fundamental Qualities/Core Competencies

Mission: To promote the essence of traditional Chinese medicine while integrating the strengths of modern medicine.

Educational Goals: To integrate healthcare medical research and nurture international research talents.

Fundamental Qualities: To equip students with the ability to integrate medical knowledge and conduct innovative research, while fostering humanistic qualities and professional ethics.

Core Competencies:
   1. Proficient in professional research within the field of integrated medicine.
   2. Proficient in professional teaching within the field of integrated medicine.
   3. Ability to engage in international collaboration and academic exchange.
   4. Possess professional medical ethics and a spirit of academic research.
   5. Ability to conduct innovative research in the field of integrated medicine using artificial intelligence and big data.




   1. 具備整合醫學領域之專業研究能力。
   2. 具備整合醫學領域之專業教學能力。
   3. 參與國際合作與學術交流之能力。
   4. 具備專業醫學倫理與學術研究精神。
   5. 具備整合醫學領域人工智慧及大數據創新研究之能力。


112.10.23 籌備會議訂定