We did it! 我們成立了!國際整合健康碩士學位學程

We did it!
The International Master Program in Integrative Health has been officially approved by the Ministry of Education in August 2023. We are now open for student admissions starting from the academic year 113 (Fall 2024). We warmly welcome outstanding international students from all countries to apply.
Our program offers specialized courses that tailor to health-related subjects, incorporating a wide range of courses in specific interest areas such as Chinese Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Emerging Public Health, Healthcare Management, and Global Health Policies. We aim to cultivate students with an international perspective, providing a comprehensive learning experience that integrates the latest global health knowledge and promotes interdisciplinary health development.
With the inclusion of international students, we foster a multicultural environment, encouraging collaboration among students from diverse backgrounds to build an international network of healthcare professionals.
The courses are conducted entirely in English, covering health-related subjects and practical applications, ensuring that students can effectively learn and communicate within the global health context. As we strive toward our goal of nurturing integrated health professionals, we not only emphasize students' learning development but also focus on shaping them into health experts who will take on leadership roles in the global health arena in the future.