The College of Chinese Medicine enthusiastically organized a Christmas party for international students, and the students actively participated

December is a warm month, and in celebration of the Christmas season, the College of Chinese Medicine and the International Master Program in Acupuncture at China Medical University organized a heartwarming Christmas event for international students from around the world. It was a joyful evening that not only made foreign students feel the care and blessings from the school but also combined Western festivities with traditional Chinese medicine knowledge in games, fostering international exchange among students and faculty.
The Christmas event officially began at 6:00 p.m. on December 25th, with Vice President Wang Lu-hai opening the ceremony and inspiring the students. Dean Yen Hong-rong of the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine waved a magic wand to light up the "Christmas tree," symbolizing the festive start of the event. International students from various countries under the school's different departments gathered to celebrate this special holiday.
The event featured a rich array of delicious food and various creative games related to Chinese medicine culture. Activities included bingo, a Chinese medicinal herb ping pong tournament, and acupoint exercise games that both faculty and students could participate in. The atmosphere was lively and filled with laughter and enjoyment. The highlight of the evening was the abundant gifts under the Christmas tree, generously provided by teachers from the entire school, conveying heartfelt blessings through the event. Emotional reflections from foreign students, combined with beautiful melodies of Christmas songs, bridged the gap between different cultures, creating a strong festive atmosphere for everyone present.
The Christmas event not only provided international students with a joyful holiday experience but also promoted friendship and cultural exchange among students from different countries. We look forward to welcoming new students from the International Master Program in Integrated Health to join us next year!